Every shot you ever play, saved to the cloud in seconds.

FTIS has the only technology that can reliably, accurately and affordably deliver:

  • Power Hitting Levels
  • Ball Location on Bat
  • Bat Swing Speed and Plane
  • Bat Twist
  • Bat Orientation and Bat Angle

Independent research indicates these variables dominate batting performance in cricket.

The Sensors are integrated into the bat sticker and a Bluetooth device on the bat transmits sensor data to an app and onto the cloud and back. The data will be distributed to apps for:

  • Coaching and Performance
  • Broadcaster Audience Engagement
  • Officiating- Gold Standard Edge Detection

Find your power with our Smart Bat.


Save each shot wirelessly to your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device.

  • Weight 5 grams
  • 54mm wide, 81mm long and 1.5mm thick
  • Wireless Qi rechargeable
  • Ultra-thin Lithium-Ion cell
  • Up to 48 hour battery life on a single charge
  • FCC/CE/IC/IP65 certified
  • Bluetooth Low-Energy 5.0 (50m range)
  • Memory (Unlimited Cloud Storage