Your machinery’s health, saved to the cloud in seconds.

Divinio has built the world’s first fully-programmable, multi-sensor, conformable and unobtrusive platform for use in sports and in industrial equipment. The device has been proven in harsh environments under severe shock and vibration conditions, and installs seamlessly, rapidly and permanently on engineering surfaces of any shape and form.

Simply peel, stick and analyze.

Your equipment is trying to tell you something. Are you listening?

Divinio’s Platform can quickly and reliably deliver:

  • Wireless access to structural performance data
  • Consistent analysis of machine health
  • Instant delivery of predictive maintenance triggers
  • Easy monitoring of hazardous and hard to access sites

The Sensors are integrated into a weather resistant sticker and an embedded Bluetooth device transmits sensor data to an app and/or straight onto the cloud. The sensor devices are easy to apply and seamless to connect.