Real-time batting insights for broadcasters, players and coaches.

Divinio is transforming cricket through revolutionary sensor technology and AI/ML analytics. Our unique intelligent device has been tested and used in matches and practices in the Indian Premier League, Big Bash League and TNPL.

For the first time, truly accurate analysis of bat speed, power, impact location and launch angle is available in real time on a mobile device on any field, anywhere in the world. Every specific detail of each shot is recorded in the cloud, granting players, coaches, sports analysts and broadcasters unprecedented insight and access to their match and practice performance data.

To truly understand a moment in sport, one must have an accurate record. Traditional sensor solutions, such as those based only on accelerometers and gyros, cannot record the type of unambiguous data, in enough precision to be useful in sophisticated hit analysis. At best, these solutions only recommend a few pointers about a player’s batting mechanics.

Our sensor technology, in combination with our powerful AI/ML driven analytics, interprets a hit from the start of the backlift, to the moment of impact, all the way to follow through. Only our solution determines the location of impact.

Welcome to the future of cricket.



James and Jaco have been instrumental in carrying out the technology review of the DRS (Decision Review System) technologies for the ICC. During this consulting work, they came up with their vision for a unique approach to generating data from a cricket bat. Their passion for the game of cricket is matched only by their desire to bring lasting innovation to cricket and other sports.

James FryCEO and Co-Founder
James is co-founder and CEO. He brings over 20 years of sales, marketing and business development leadership with extensive start-up experience across a range of industries. He holds a Babson MBA and BA Hons in Spanish and Business from the University of Hull. He is an avid cricket fan and the proud founder of a cricket club in Massachusetts.
Jaco PretoriusCTO and Co-Founder
Jaco Pretorius is founder and CTO. Jaco has 20+ years experience in R&D, product development and manufacturing of materials and in capital equipment development. Jaco has also worked in aerospace, electric power equipment and semiconductor manufacturing industries. He holds a M.Sc in Engineering and Management from MIT.
Eric Bodnar
Eric BodnarLead Engineer
Eric Bodnar – 20 year veteran in mobile and wireless systems with a history of successful startups and an M.Sc Engineering from MIT.


Dr. Sanjay Sarma
Dr. Sanjay SarmaDean of Digital Learning, MIT
Holds a bachelor’s degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, awarded in 1989; a master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University, awarded in 1992; and a PhD from the University of California at Berkeley, awarded in 1995. His research has focused on RFID, sensors, and computer-aided design and manufacturing, among other topics. Sarma was the co-founder and former chairman of research at MIT’s Auto-ID Center.
Amy Spurling
Amy SpurlingCEO, Compte
Respected operations and financial professional, with over 15 years of leadership experience in strategic planning, international expansion, finance and accounting, human resources, corporate governance and risk management. During her career, she has closed nine rounds of financing totaling more than $200M, and managed two acquisitions to close with values ranging from 10-30x revenue. She holds an MBA from Simmons School of Management.